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April 22, 2017
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May 6, 2017
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Trump’s First 100/Adjunct Professors/Public Banks

Ralph assesses the first 100 days of the Trump administration.  He also talks to Maria Maisto of the New Faculty Majority about how universities’ exploitation of adjunct professors hurts higher education.  And Ellen Brown tells us how public banks are the best alternative to Wall Street.


“About 71% of all faculty in higher education are basically temporary workers.” Maria Maisto

“In November of 2014, the Wall Street Journal came out with an article that said that the Bank of North Dakota was actually more profitable than JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.  In fact, it had a return on equity that was 70% higher than those two banks.”  Ellen Brown


Maria Maisto is on the board of the New Faculty Majority, which is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of higher education by advancing professional equity and securing academic freedom for all adjunct and contingent faculty.


Ellen Brown is an attorney and the founder of the Public Banking Institute, whose vision is to establish a network of state and local publicly owned banks that create affordable credit, while providing a sustainable alternative to the current high-risk centralized private banking system.  Ms. Brown is the author of a dozen books, including Web of Debt, and The Public Bank Solution.

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  1. keil says:

    Yes. I teach in higher education. Thanks for shining a light on the adjunct professor problem

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