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June 3, 2017
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Synthetic Mesh Epidemic

Ralph talks to hernia surgeon, Dr. Robert Bendavid and whistleblower journalist, Jane Akre about all of the problems arising from the use of surgical mesh.  Plus, Ralph answers listener questions!


Dr. Robert Bendavid is a leading hernia surgeon and past president and a founding father of the American Hernia Society.  Dr. Bendavid has performed thousands of procedures and is presently associated with the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto.


Jane Akre is the founder and editor of the Mesh Medical Device News Desk .  She has been a journalist for nearly 30 years working as a broadcaster, anchor and reporter at stations all around the country as well as CNN.  Ms. Akre has won numerous awards including the Society of Professional Journalists Award for Ethics as well as the Goldman Prize, North America 2001 for environmental reporting.  She and her husband successfully challenged News Corp after it tried to suppress a story about synthetic bovine growth hormone produced by Monsanto and used in much of the nation’s dairy supply. That whistleblowing lawsuit was featured in the documentary, “The Corporation.”


  1. Cheryll white says:

    Thank you Jane, I suffered TVM , for prolapse in 2004, by 2010 Lupus, 2015 mesh severed spleen, 1 year of chemo,,now aquired hemophilia factor vlll from mesh, it is tragic, thank you in advance.

  2. Denise Schrader says:

    I know these dangers of medical mesh, especially hernia mesh…. I got mine in 10/22/2010 and got it out 11/05/2010….. along with everything that was sewn to it, that’s right they left it sewn in and cut out everything that was attached, including abdominal muscles, nerves, belly button, and anything that was touching mesh…. you don’t have to have a hernia for a dr to try to put a hernia patch on you… don’t have to hurt, be blown out, or even showing…. I had a incisional hernia 2.5cm over a Aortobifemoral bypass, which mesh shouldn’t have been put on top of much less what the dr stated in his reports, he just so happened to see a umbilical hernia when he was under my breast bone and made a bigger mess having a hole the size of a NERF FOOTBALL.

  3. Barbara guillette says:

    Love you Ralph

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