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December 23, 2017
Ramsey Clark/”Progressive” vs. “Liberal” Redux
January 6, 2018
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Listener Questions and Year End Jokes!

To wrap up a year filled with anxiety, Ralph answers a bunch of your questions and then David and Steve try out some jokes.  As usual, Ralph gets the last laugh.



  1. Bruce K. says:

    Wow … loved it, great show, and nice humor from Ralph! Who knew?

    But another bunch of unpleasant moments watching the “unfunny” David Feldman spew hatred and jealousy at Al Franken. Why does Feldman has to go after Franken every chance he gets. Is there some history between these two? It’s boring and unfounded, and he should go find another line of work.

    Perhaps Ralph can take Feldman’s place in the comedy world! 😉

    Thanks … let’s hope 2018 is better than 2017.

  2. Emily krahn says:

    LOL. Loved all the jokes. Ralph, esp. the “cathouse” joke. Perfect. Thanks for bringing up about Trump’s assault on nursing homes, egregious. Also I have noticed NPR has gotten really too lightweight lately. Talk too much about movies, music, actors, etc. Esp. at this time in age of Trump. Happy New Year and much thanks to all.

  3. Samuel Foster says:

    Hello and Happy New Year. I enjoyed your show with Ramsey Clark. I always enjoy your shows because of the topical nature of your comments as well as your knowledge of the historical contexts from which they emanate. You made a comment about a doctor who tracks the effects of pharmaceutical drugs on patients. I was busy and distracted somewhat when you divulged that name. Who is this doctor and how can I reach him?

  4. Andrea Cockfield says:

    “…a cat house” !!!

  5. Ms. Rivet says:

    Great show. Just an interesting addition is that other mammals have been documented laughing for enjoyment. Dr. Robert Provine, professor of psychology at UMBC, studies this behavior. I highly recommend looking at a few of his articles or listening to RadioLab’s episode on ‘Laughter’ from their fourth season.

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