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It’s Even Worse Than You Think

Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist, tax expert and Trumpologist extraordinaire, David Cay Johnston, talks to Ralph about his new best seller: “It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What The Trump Administration Is Doing To America.”

David Cay Johnston is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of six books, including The Making of Donald Trump. Mr. Johnston’s reporting persuaded two presidents to change their tax policies and stopped tax dodges that Congress valued at more than $250 billion. He is also the founder and editor of DCReport, a nonprofit news service that reports what the President and Congress DO, not what they SAY.  And his latest book is entitled It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What The Trump Administration Is Doing To America.

“The founders anticipated that we might have presidents who were stupid, who were disloyal, who were corrupt, but they never though we’d get a con artist, who is a malignant narcissist. They never thought we’d get somebody, who based on the standards of the Army Field Manual should not hold a leadership position of any kind. He should be a buck private, not even a lieutenant.”


  1. Afdal says:

    Enough of this neo-McCarthyist xenophobic garbage, go get Bill Binney on your show already Ralph. And after that go get Bob Fitrakis. You wanna talk about election “interference”? You don’t need a foreign actor, the perpetrators who suppress the vote and who hack voting machines to commit election fraud are right here at home.

    NATO has orchestrated a massive military build up on the Russia border in the last several years and the Doomsday Clock has been the closest to midnight since the early ’80s. The madness needs to stop right now.

  2. Donald Klepack says:

    I agree with all that David Clay Johnston said but upset about things he did not say. Donald Trump became President because he ran against Hillary Clinton. Every impeachable offense mentioned by Johnson was also done by Hillary Clinton (Clinton Foundation). Attorney General of New York ignores all this. Should Hillary Clinton go to jail?

  3. Jay Burch says:

    I wish you would talk about the dependant connection between the reale state market and immigration. Did the real estate market recover? Or does it depend on the wealthy from around the world buying American citizenship. Because it seems like property owners in both parties benifit from immigration. While any other citizen,new or old suffers and will suffer impossibly high rents in future. A very simple way to cure the chaos is change the law that a child born here becomes a citizen. Just change that law. And also don’t go back to find people to punish, just go forward where you cannot buy your way in and a baby won’t work either. Both poor and rich woman are using their wombs for profit. Desperate or not. No feminists have ever spoken out against this.

  4. Dale West says:

    Donald Trump appears to be the protege of SD Governor William Janklow.

    Prolific at filing defamation lawsuits against any negative criticism, bulletproof against political ethics scrutiny and an autocratic charismatic leadership style. This lead to S Dakota being a corporate welfare state that deregulated everything corporate with no corporate taxes and no public transparency. The low working poor wages plus regressive taxation structure that has evolved in SD feels like feudalism to me.

    America loves the “John Wayne” manifest destiny movie mythology of political leadership that flouts the rules and gets quick reckless “justice” at any price.

  5. Eric Brooks says:

    I deeply respect Ralph and love the show, but I am now finding myself absolutely outraged that your program is giving David Cay Johnston a platform for his ridiculous and dangerous McCarthyite fairy stories about Trump and Russia which have no basis is reality whatsoever. All of the work that Johnston has done to reveal all of the very real evils of Trump are placed in a clownish frame by this Russia nonsense, and made questionable (when they shouldn’t be).

    The last time this kind of hysterical demonization of Russia was permitted a platform was one of the most dangerous periods in US history, during which democracy was deeply undermined by HUAC and Joseph McCarthy.

    For a conclusive cavalcade of information showing how vacuous this Russia-gate narrative really is, go to the following google search of Consortium News, an unimpeachable news service created by Robert Parry, the journalist who broke the Iran-Contra scandal.

    Johnston should be boycotted from being allowed to appear on any program until he stops this dangerous nonsense.

  6. M says:

    Dear Ralph, could you please post transcripts? Thank you for all your work and insights.

  7. Stan Barnes says:

    and here’s where it starts – ~20 years ago, in another confusion of money above all with ethics (huh, what’s that??), or truth (naaah, it’s what we say it is, believe me), let alone honesty (creative imagination)….

  8. Glenn Velez says:

    I’m curious about Mr. Nader’s thoughts on the relationship between NAFTA and the increased migration of people to the US from Mexico. We hear politicians raising a hue and cry about stopping illegal Mexican immigrants (and immigrants from other Latin American countries) from crossing the US border, but not one word about past and present US government economic and foreign policy driving this migration. Thanks.

  9. Eric Thorkilsen says:

    Bizarre, PBS hides criminal conduct, helping elect Trump, then spends many news hours on lamenting
    What a weird little animal.

  10. Judy Haywood Gonzalez says:

    Hi Tío Ralph. It’s so great to be able to hear you on a podcast. Thanks to all who make this possible.

  11. robert dresdner says:

    Ralph should invite physicist Dr. James Hansen to discuss not the carbon tax [we’ve heard that ad nauseum], but Nuclear energy risks and options. Ralph is right that older nuclear plants, like Fukushima, can be dangerous for various reasons, but has Ralph looked into new designs, eg Thorium nuclear plants, which are much safer than the designs built 30+ years ago? Not only that, many countries are investing in such advanced nuclear because its a zero carbon energy base load source, unlike coal, oil , natural gas. Solar while growing rapidly is intermittent and still only provides ~1% currently.


  12. Adrienne says:

    Well, Donald Trump is a magician but also a Gemini. Which twin are you today Donald? His backbone is contortionist. He’s a great campaigner but not so good at steering the ship in a storm. You cannot please all the people all the time but he’s trying.

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