The End of Ice
March 9, 2019
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Grounded! Behind Boeing’s 737 Max 8

Ralph talks to aviation expert, William McGee, about the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and pays tribute to his grandniece, who was one of the fatalities. Plus, Colman McCarthy returns to update us on the progress his Center For Teaching Peace has made in getting the study of peace into the curriculums of America’s schools.

“Samya Stumo was all of 24 years old, a coming leader from the young generation. Her mission was global health – not just diagnosis and treatment. Her mission was prevention. And she’d already had a lot of experience. She graduated the University of Massachusetts, then the University of Copenhagen where she spent time in Africa conducting her studies to get a Master’s in Global Health. She also spent time in Peru. And she had peer-reviewed studies published in professional journals. She was multi-lingual. At just 24, people who worked with her saw enormous leadership emanating from her sparkling personality. She had a way with people, a way to motivate them. She had enormous compassion coupled with intellectual rigor. She knew how to cut right through a bureaucracy. She was very direct. It’s a terrible loss not just to us and the family, but it’s a loss to humanity. Think of the people whose lives she would have saved.” Ralph Nader on the loss of his grandniece, Samya Stumo, in the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302

William McGee is an award-winning travel journalist and the aviation advisor for Consumer Reports, who also writes a monthly travel column for USA Today. Mr. McGee also spent nearly seven years in airline flight operations management. He has also written an exposé of the airline industry entitled, Attention All Passengers: The Airlines’ Dangerous Descent and What You Can Do to Reclaim Our Skies.”

Colman McCarthy is a journalist, teacher, lecturer, pacifist, progressive, and long-time peace activist who directs the Center for Teaching Peace in Washington, D.C. Washingtonian magazine has called him “the liberal conscience of The Washington Post.”  Mr. McCarthy’s books include “I’d Rather Teach Peace”  and All of One Peace.”


  1. karl anglin says:

    Deep condolences to all the Boeing crash victims.

  2. bruce k. says:

    Software is not something any of us should be risking out lives over unless it is absolutely necessary. My heartfelt condolences to Ralph and his family on the death of his grandniece , Samya Stumo, as well as the other passengers and victims of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302.

  3. Will T says:

    The excerpt lends evidential creedence to the M. Knight Shyamalan Unbreakable style theory of real life heroes hidden in plain sight all around us is true. That she would be a superheroine cannot be surprising however. Rather it can only be “the apple does not fall far from the tree”. i started listening to Pacifica in late 80s & i must say that one of the greatest & stirring speeches i’ve ever heard in my life was the 2 to 3 hour Green Party nomination acceptance speech in 96′. In my heart it felt like the speech was thundering across the sky. Stupendously astonishing to me that what parts of it i can remember now are EVEN MORE relevant. i cannot understand how the Pacifica archives hasn’t targeted that one for standardised preservation instead of custom only given it’s historical significance. i feel ashamed to be twice as old yet i have done 20 times less when right now the world so desperately needed her & 10,000 more superheroines. i am sorry for coming off offensive b/c i’m not so good w/ words but i just want to pay respectful condolence: Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

  4. christian jorgensen says:

    In the program you mention software problems. But is it not true that the 737 MAX has a hardware problem as well? The balance point in the construction has been moved forward as the bigger and heavier, engiens needed space to be fittet, leaving the plane unstable. The software installed in the control of pitch comes out of neccesity for stabilising. Software can be updatet, hardware is not so easy.

  5. Marc Hudgens says:

    Ralph, I just wanted to say I am so sorry for the loss of your grand niece. I recall many years ago the phenomenon of the “drunk airline pilot“. Today, AI. Not sure what’s worse.

  6. Jeff Brown says:

    I’m Passing on my most deepest sorryfulness about the loss of Samya Stumo. Hearing of the many great positve contributions she gave to the world and humanity and Its just not fair this tragedy would have had to affect someone who made the greatest difference to humanity. Which is ironic that she was taken from humanity of the world to whom she was giving to so much of in her tireless effort. The sudden. and horrifying event as this one to have stolen her not only of a precious life to whom great, great respects is owed, and the most nicest, lady- It was bearily an early start in her youth, yet accomplished so much and in many great ways, but to lose her is so unfair. I never knew her except hearing about Samya in the news. It reminds me after hearing about a lady with so much accomplished in many positive ways for the greater good of society, I think of the same loss when Kennedy was assasinated and taken from the world, to which he also made the most difference to in his short life and on the same level as Samya

  7. Jeff Brown says:

    Appologies for commenting twice, but forgot to add another point I beiieve is worth noting in the interest of public safety and recognizing how increasing technology over time has lost sight with respect to humanity. Another observation to this point, is computer software technology is a Dime–A–Dozen, but lives are not. Lives are priceless, and I am not a doctor, but I assume a doctor when they are trained to save a terminal illness at all costs. I believe this is analogous to utmost plane safety, because there is no room for error in plane maintenance and manufacturing of them, whereas in a car you have choices if there is malfunction. In a plane you cannot leave the plane if it malfunctions in any way while in transit.

  8. Rena says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Ralph’s great niece. Condolences to him and his family.

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