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February 18, 2017
History of Fraud/Trump Promises
March 4, 2017
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Capitalism, Federal Reserve, 9/11

Ralph answers your Facebook questions about the Federal Reserve, the state of capitalism, job opportunities in grassroots activism, the twoparty system, unanswered questions about the 9/11 attacks and much more!

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  1. Brux says:

    The discussion of 911 was unexpected and very interesting. The insanity that not knowing and not wanting or demanding answers to these questions is one thing that makes the world a less sane and safe place. I appreciate Ralph being responsible, sticking to the facts and not being drawn into speculation.

    Maybe it’s a bit off-topic, but one question that gnaws at me occasionally is … if we have this major surveillance state and know what is going on int he country or can find out … why do we still have organized crime? The data that should exist about the Mafia and other organized crime groups should be of a degree and magnitude such that we average Americans should have a much better understanding of what we are up against. The fact that we hear nothing about it anymore, except through TV programs like the “Sopranos”, combined with some of the most evil actions of our government makes me wonder if organized crime doesn’t run the country.

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